“Our vision is to create connections that build and strengthen communities by creating a platform where stories have a voice.”



We could sit here all day long and tell you that there are amazing people in Omaha, all throughout the city, doing good things and changing our entire city, but that conversation may stop at the coffee table. We’re doing this so that the city might gain a deeper appreciation for community and the people that make up the fabric of its neighborhoods.



Hi Omaha, similarly to our very own city, is a place for everyone. All stories are welcome, and our door stays open.

Hi Omaha is a also a friend and can provide avenues for lasting and enriching characters to join your pursuits. Curl up together, share laughs, improve over time, and most of all, keep getting to know each other. There are more layers (or pages!) to everyone. We talk with you; not to or for you.

Hi Omaha, lastly, is an artifact. This collection of stories, literature, and expression is simply one moment of our city’s history. We are a self-aware time capsule; facing the past, standing tall in our present, and waving to the future, accompanied by actionable steps and bright eyes. Let’s stay a while.

We are photographers, writers, animators, event planners, and strategists looking to do what we do best in a city that we love. Say hi next time you see us. We’d love to chat.


Justin Fennert


Justin is our editor-in-chief, and very much an expert in organization and dad jokes.

HiO: What are 3 things you’ve accomplished in your life/career that you’re proud of? In no particular order.

Justin: The first is becoming a husband and a dad. The second is turning degrees in Nutrition and Exercise Science into a career in the creative marketing industry. The third might have to be the making of Hi Omaha.


Kimberly Bailey


Kimberly is our photographer extraordinaire, warming up a room with her smile and camera.

HiO: What are 5 miscellaneous items you would use to describe yourself and why

A flower: A flower is a natural, genuine, and unbelievable creation on this earth. I try to remind myself I am all those words, just like a flower.

A crisp, clean stack of white papers: When I was younger, I could be entertained for hours on end with a fresh stack of printer paper. There’s endless possibilities to create, imagine, and tell stories, all things I love to do in this life.

A record player: Because of my love for music and how motivated I am by it.

A globe: My fondness for new places, experiences, cultures, and time exploring the otherwise unknown (that’s a pretty cliche answer, but it’s honest and true).

A campfire: One of my passions is to shine a light on people, share warmth, and bring people together.


Kamrin Baker


Kamrin is our go-to wordsmith. Whether she’s editing copy, or quickly typing out interview answers, she’ll have a thesaurus pulled up and a smile on her face.

HiO: What do you love about Omaha?

Kamrin: I love that we are a (relatively) big city with the community and heart of a small town. Our people are kind, chivalrous, and friendly, but they’re also ambitious, inventive, and honest. You’ll get 10 “excuse me’s” and “ope let me squeeze right past ya’s” in HyVee, but you’ll also hear the f bomb in some serious pothole discussions. I’ve grown up in Omaha, and it wasn’t until I climbed out of my suburban neighborhood bubble that I realized there was so much to love and learn about my town.


Bryan Findell


Bryan is our in-house Animationaut, because every magazine has one of those, right? His love of space makes his animations even more out of this world.

HiO: What are 5 miscellaneous items you would use to describe yourself and why?

Bryan: Skateboard, Snowboard, Motorcycle, Internet, Whiskey. The first three are ways to challenge myself and time to think. The internet if it’s an “item” because it creates access to so much knowledge. And Whiskey because it’s delicious.


Caleb Ulffers


Caleb is also one of our strategists and event coordinators, and since he used to run the Big Omaha conference, we feel like we’re in pretty good hands.

HiO: What do you love about Omaha?

Caleb: I love that Omaha is a place where you can have a serious and tangible impact. You can get involved and make change happen in a real way. We’re still small, we’re growing, amazing things are happening, and you can be a part of it in a way that you can’t in other cities. You can be the founding member of ____ or start a committee or group to focus on _____. Past that, you can walk down the street and have a conversation with anyone who has been involved with _____.


Melanie Phelan


Melanie is one of our event coordinators, connecting names with faces and stories with memories.

HiO: What is your biggest dream?

Melanie: To be the well known wherever I go. That sounds vain, doesn't it? Well I don't mean it like that in the least. In reality I want to be just like my dad. He was the most well known person back home and we would often get to a restaurant and stop at six tables before ever getting to our own. He helped everyone he could and made even more people smile with his quick wit. If I can be half as cool as him, well that would be a dream come true!


Brooke Lehman


Brooke is our Gatherer. She knows a thing or two about community, and she’ll be coordinating an intimate dinner gathering with all of our featured humans every issue.

HiO: If you weren’t so damn good at this job, you’d be doing...?

Brooke: Working at a coffee shop making cortados, strange drink combinations, and talking with each person that comes in the door (while trying not to give out too many discounts cause I just love everyone so much and they all deserve at least 20% off their coffee).


Dawaune Hayes


Dawaune is the founder and editor of NOISE, our partner contributor for this issue.

HiO: What do you love about Omaha? 

Dawaune: Omaha is a big little town with a deep history and a bright future. I love the one degree of separation between you and another person, it allows for quick connections to start affecting change. 



This is also meant to be a platform for creators and connectors. Shoot us a note at @hiomahafyi and we’d love to grab coffee.



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