Words and Photos by: Jeff Collins
August 22, 2019

Destiny Palmer

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Destiny Palmer, an artist, art educator & advocator hailing from Boston, was tapped by The Union for Contemporary Art to bring some new color and vibrance to North Omaha. Inspired by color and creating space, drawing from community input, and adding a healthy dose of her own love for color theory and hard-edge painting, Destiny created an amazing mural at 24th and Taylor streets; right next to the neighborhood stable of Bills BBQ. “I think when people stop to experience a painting, even if it is non-verbal, there’s a mutual exchange happening. I enjoy thinking that color is a universal language”. Painting on a large scale is her jam because it not only brings people together, but as you fill the space “you realize how small you are, but also what you are capable of”

For six days she worked to change the face of an overlooked area. She wasn’t alone though because the community showed up. “The part that left me speechless was how people came everyday to help. North Omaha showed love in every way possible.” Praises, many yelled from passing car windows, and a never-ending line of thumbs-up showed just how excited the community was to have this mural going up.  

Be sure to swing by and check it out for yourself! 

You can browse other works and learn more about Destiny’s art at destinypalmer.com.

The community gave it’s stamp of approval throughout the process, yelling praises out of windows and a never-ending line of thumbs-up.

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