Dwell Dinner 
Issue 1

There isn’t a better way to create connection and foster growth than when we’re seated at a table surrounded by conversation and good food. We partnered with Dwell Dinner & Co to host an evening for the good people that we’ve covered for Issue 1. What did that look like at the end of the night? There were 24 people from all corners of Omaha seated next to new faces that they may not have bumped into otherwise.

Gatherings like this are truly at the heart of what we hope to do in this community. We want the stories we share to connect and strengthen our community and we’ll find a variety of ways to do that outside the pages of each issue.


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I’m here with a purpose, for me to decide 

to enter the world, shine bright or to hide.  

My genetic makeup gives me all that I need

beyond that is freedom my birth was my seed. 

Excerpt from “Free to become” by Jessica Foreman
Featured in Issue 1


A special thanks

This dinner wouldn’t have been possible without Brooke Lehman and her team at Dwell Dinner & Co. (for gathering us all together), Lucas Miranda Creative (for your video work), Rally Coffee Co (for opening up your doors), and the Hi Omaha team (for bringing it all together).


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We will be hosting more dinners and will be opening up the RSVP list to the community. Get on the list to be the first to know about the next dinner.